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Our Story

For a long time we have been in the practice of intentional goal setting and gratitude. We understand how difficult it can be to maintain an abundance mindset and keep working towards living the life you desire. Abracadabra journal was founded on the need for us to have a place to put our goals, dreams, and gratitude in a consistent space. We wanted it to be easy to use and allow us to dream bigger, achieve our goals faster, and look back on our progress toward these goals.

Starting with nothing more than a desire to create a product we ourselves could use and a willingness to try, fail, learn, and grow, we created one of the best manifesting tools we have seen and are proud to share it with the world

Daryan & Alexis

Our Mission

To help millions of people live on purpose

To live on purpose means to live life without being limited by circumstance. It means that you wake up each morning and choose how your day will look. Too many people fall into a life of trading hours for things and we want to empower them so they can purposefully choose what their life will look like

Dream as if you will live forever. Live as if you will die today.

Our Values

Honesty & integrity

We want our word to mean something. Being honest and holding a high standard of integrity ensures that people can trust we mean what we say

do what it takes

Taking action is one of the most powerful things someone can do. We want to take it to the next level and make sure we do everything above and beyond expectation

Enjoy the little things

Life is about enjoyment. If we don't enjoy the small things how can we truly enjoy the big ones?

experience life

We want to experience life the way we choose and want to help others do the same

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