Science & Manifesting

If you've heard of manifestation, odds are you've also heard of the Law of Attraction, as these two terms are often used interchangeably.

Many people talk about manifestation and how it can benefit your life, but in the past finding scientific backing was a difficult task. The best we could hope for was personal experience showing us that it works but not really knowing why. However, due to its popularity and positive personal accounts, more research is being done on how the law of attraction works  and the scientific backing for these beliefs continues to grow on a daily basis.

How Science Says Our Thoughts Can Help Manifest What We Want Into Our Lives

We'll walk you through what manifestation really is and where it comes from, what the science tells us, and the best manifestation practices to use it. Its going to be a long one but its gonna be good. Lets get started....

1. What is the Law of Attraction? And where did it come from

young girl living in gratitude while enjoying the sunshine.

In simple terms the Law of Attraction is the idea that our thoughts create our reality. That our outer world is a reflection of our inner one. The idea that our thoughts manifest (bring into existence) the results in our lives was largely popularized by the famous book known as "The Secret". It covered the ideas of manifesting using personal evidence and examples from people who have used it successfully.

But, this was not the first time these ideas were presented. The ideas were actually formally written out much earlier in the 1920’s by Napoleon Hill, the author of “Think and Grow Rich', a great book we recommend reading.

By putting our thoughts towards a specific goal or material object, we can attract them into our lives. In practice, the Law of Attraction requires the user to get clear on their goals and think positively about them. This will attract opportunity into their life so they can achieve the goal they intend to manifest.  

All that we are is a result of what we have thought.”


2. The scientific proof of manifestation

We have three main points to make on the science front. As we said earlier, the science is still developing but these concepts are well studied and commonly accepted in the scientific community.

A. Placebo effect

The placebo effect is probably the best scientific evidence that our thoughts hold power, especially when referring to its healing properties.

Placebo is an important part of medical studies when testing the efficacy of different drugs or treatments. As an example of what it's used for, let's take a look at how a normal medical study would be conducted.

If a topical cream with an eczema drug is being tested, a study may place participants into two groups. Group 1 will use the eczema cream, while group 2 will act as the placebo by using a regular cream without the eczema drug. No one in either group is told which type of cream they're using. Amazingly, the group 2 participants often see the same positive results as group A from using the cream even though there is no active compound in group 2’s cream. This is because they believe it will work

Group 2 will see positive results if they believe the drug will work

Why does this happen? Group 2 participants assumed they were using an eczema cream (even though they weren't), which caused their eczema symptoms to improve simply because they believed that would be the result. The key to the placebo effect working is that the participants must truly believe that they will get the intended result.

The placebo effect represents our mind-body connection, proving that positive thinking and more importantly, belief, can physically and mentally manifest positive results without the use of any type of medicine. This is a scientific fact, and why placebo testing is used so extensively in medical studies.

Fun Fact: Most drugs do not make it into the market because they cannot beat the placebo effect.
Beliefs are very powerful.

On the flip side, the placebo effect is also present with negative thinking, which of course, elicits negative results. A great example of this is Medical Student's Syndrome, which represents the development of symptoms of a specific disease a medical student is studying. It's been found that around 70% to 80% of medical students develop this syndrome while studying. Crazy, I know.

B. Quantum theory

I know it sounds complicated, but there's something very important I want to touch on. Quantum theory helps to explain the behavior of matter on an atomic and subatomic level (the smallest level of energy). It was shown through an astonishing experiment known as the Double Slit Experiment that the behavior of particles can be dramatically changed by simply observing them.

They call this phenomenon the Observer Effect. This suggests that there's potential to change our physical reality in ways that we have not fully grasped yet. Scientists haven't yet been able to show exactly how our perceptions and thoughts effect reality but we know that they can and do.

"The behavior of particles can be dramatically changed by simply observing them."

The idea that simply observing and thinking about an expected result can influence the actual result is a difficult thing to study. But due to the radical nature of the theory, scientists are continuing to develop ways to further verify these findings.

visual representation of science at work

What does this mean for us?

This tells us that we have influence over much more than we think we do and that we can change many things in our circle of influence both internally and externally. Our thoughts can and do have great influence over our physical reality.

Remember that science is consistently evolving as we learn more about the world we live in. There are many things we don't yet understand but we know that they exist, so its important to keep an open mind and trust in your experience.

Magic is just science we don't yet understand”

-Arthur C. Clarke

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C. Reticular Activating System

The Reticular Activating System is a critical part of the brain that acts as the gatekeeper of information.

In simple terms it filters what information goes from your subconscious mind and sensory systems to your conscious mind. The Reticular Activating System works on a hierarchical structure that determines the priority of information our minds and bodies gather.

If a piece of information is of high importance, for example someone calling our name, it will send it to our conscious mind. If the information is of low importance, for example background chatter or conversations, it collects and catalogs the info leaving the conscious mind out of the loop. This happens because of the massive amount of information we are constantly being subjected to.

"The Reticular Activating System works on a hierarchical structure that determines the priority of information our minds and bodies gather."

At any moment there are thousands of things our bodies and minds pick up, but the conscious mind can only handle so much. Therefore the way we experience life is determined by the Reticular Activating System because much of the information we could have access to is filtered out, without us knowing.

girl meditating under the sunrise of beautiful tropical setting

Ever buy a yellow car and start seeing yellow cars everywhere you go? This is the reticular activating system at work.

Why should we care?

Because we can program our Reticular Activating System to give us the information needed to create change in our life.

By using repetition we can retrain the Reticular Activating System to filter things differently. The more emphasis we put on things, the higher the priority the Reticular Activating System gives them. So if we focus on the good, we see more good and vise versa. By focusing on our goals we will see more things that help further those goals.

When you truly learn to use your Reticular Activating System to your advantage it will seem as if you were able to use the force to see into the future. You will notice things that others don't and everything you do will seem to push you in the direction you wanted to go.

Putting it all together

puzzle coming together

How can we use the science to help us?

So how do all these three things fit together?

The placebo effect shows us that our beliefs influence what happens to our bodies and that we can create or eliminate things by strongly believing that we have what we think. Quantum theory shows us that we influence the external world just by perceiving and thinking. We saw that outcomes can change because we observe them and we can influence the result to the one we want. And the Reticular Activating System determines what we perceive in the world around us.

With these three things its no a stretch to see that we create our reality using strong belief, positive thoughts, clear objectives, and by focusing our attention.

Put your intention and thought toward what you want to have and you will create it.

3. How to Manifest Faster

The best manifestation techniques

Now that we know a bit about how the science works. Let’s look at how to actually apply it to your life!

1. Get very clear on what you want to manifest

It is difficult, if not impossible to manifest something if you don't know exactly what that is. To create something in your life you must first be clear on what it is. I don't just mean superficially like, I want more money. I don't even mean you need to specify how much money (although that is helpful too). I mean why do you want more money, what will you do with it and what will it give you.

"I get a $10/hour raise and I use this extra money to take my family on the vacation we have always dreamed of".

Try to think of what you want to manifest as End Goals vs Means Goals. End goals are the actual thing you want while means goals usually have a 'so I can' involved. For example, "I get a $10/hour raise" Is a good start, but something better would be "I get a $10/hour raise and I use this extra money to take my family on the vacation we have always dreamed of". This is clarity on what you want and why you want it

get clear on your vision without fear or limitations

2. Write and draw what you want to attract

Writing what you want to attract is arguably one of the most important things you can do to manifest what you want. Studies have shown that you are 1.4-1.8 x more likely to achieve what you write down.

Writing does two things for you, it helps you get clear on what you want to manifest because you can get all your thoughts out, and it helps you organize your thoughts and focus on the important things. Have you ever tried to do a complicated math problem in your head? If you have you will know it is much harder than writing it out with a pen and paper. This is because of the two reason listed above and they apply to many things in your life. 

"Studies have shown that you are 1.4-1.8 x more likely to achieve what you write down."

Writing/Journaling is linked to so many positive outcomes in studies that I don't have space to get into it now but the important part is that writing your manifestations out will help you reach them much faster.

To help people apply these techniques we created a journal that teaches you how to apply these and a few more critical things so you can have exactly what you want.

3. Visualize Visualize Visualize

As we talked about above we can train the Reticular Activating System. The best way to do this is by visualizing, in great detail, our manifestations. This step again builds off the last to by allowing you to first get clear on your goals, write them out in detail so you know what is important and then visualize them to train your brain and subconscious mind. Putting these steps together creates a powerhouse combo that will get you what you asked for. 

"Make sure you get detailed and immerse yourself in the experience feeling what you want to feel and acting the way you want to act."

Visualization is pretty simple. Pick a scenario and visualize yourself doing, having, or being what you want to manifest. Make sure you get detailed and immerse yourself in the experience feeling what you want to feel and acting the way you want to act. The more often you do this the better your results will be. Try to shoot for once a day in the morning so you can start your day focusing on what you want to become and then direct your life that way.

Now that you know how manifestation works and how to apply it in your life get out there are start practicing. Start small and then grow into the bigger things you want. Do your best to make it a habit and making a daily practice out of it will pay huge dividends for your future.

Thanks for reading and Good luck!